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Whether your a seasoned breeder or a new Breeder waiting on your first foal, it is never to late to put together a foaling kit! 

Just gather up these materials in a large rubbermaid container & keep it close at hand:-

bulletUmbilical tape
bulletUmbilical clip
bulletBulb syringe
bulletFoal resuscitator
bulletHeat Lamps
bulletFoal Blanket (s)
bulletTwine to tie up the placenta
bulletTail wrap for the mare
bulletBaby bottles ( pray you don't need them)

Normal Foaling-

Once the chorioallantois ruptures and the allantoic fluid escapes, the foal should be delivered in 20 -30 minutes. I f the foal has not been delivered, contact your vet asap.

A normal foal should be able to sit on its sternum with 2-3 minutes after birth and stand within one hour of birth.

As a basic rule of thumb follow the 1-2-3 Rule:

  1. 1 hour:  the foal should be standing
  2. 2 hours: the foal should be nursing
  3. 3 hours:  The mare should have passed the placenta

If the foal does not follow this schedule call your vet. Foals that do not stand become Hypoglycemic and lose  the ability to stand. In addition, they are prone to becoming septic if they do not ingest colostrum as soon as possible after birth.

Assume all will go well!   After your foal has nursed for at least 6 hours, you can milk the mare and freeze the mare's milk for an emergency, it will still contain colostrum that could be used for another foal if needed.

*information in part from 'Arabian Horse'  magazine


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